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How to use a BellaCopper™ defroster plate

1. Start with a room temperature Defroster Plate.

2. Place the Defroster Plate on a cutting board (or wherever you want).

3. Place the frozen food on the Defroster Plate.

4. Watch the food defrost like crazy.

Defroster plate Tips

  • The food can be wrapped or unwrapped. If it is flash frozen chicken breasts in bulk, I generally go unwrapped, if it is burger patties I had previously made, then frozen in individual baggies, I generally leave them bagged. Wetter foods should stay bagged.

  • Two chicken breasts will be defrosted and ready to cook in about 40 minutes.

  • For faster defrosting - place one Defroster Plate beneath the frozen food, and place another Defroster Plate on top (top & bottom), for double heat transfer and faster defrosting.

  • Expect lots of condensation on the Defroster Plate, it gets cool as the food defrosts. There could be drips; you could put a couple of paper towels under the Defroster Plate to catch any runoff.

  • If you are defrosting lots of food and the defroster plate starts to frost up, you can “Re-charge” the Defroster Plate by removing the food, running some warm water over the Defroster Plate for a couple of minutes, then returning the food to the Defroster Plate to finish defrosting

  • Defroster plate FAQs

    Q. Isn't the copper metal toxic?

    A. Well yes, in excess most metals are, but remember that Copper is an essential mineral, and that candy makers use big copper Kettles, and French chefs use copper bowls to whip egg whites. Also some people wear copper bracelets as an arthritis remedy.

    Q. How does it work?

    A. It’s just physics, Copper is a far superior heat conductor, and transfers all it’s internal heat to the frozen food. Remember air, wood, plastic, and ceramics are good insulators, and very bad conductors.

    Q. I just defrost my food in water, Why is the BellaCopper Defroster Plate better?

    A. Water is not that great of a heat conductor, otherwise Icebergs would not last for years in the open ocean. As a simple test, we placed an ice cube on a Copper Defroster Plate and another ice cube in a full glass of water, both the water and the Defroster Plate were at room temperature. The ice cube on the Defroster Plate was completely melted in 3 minutes, the ice cube in the glass of water lasted 18.5 minutes before it was melted (wow!). It's true you can defrost food quickly under running water, but that’s not always practical, or very environmentally friendly.

    Remember - once the food has defrosted - cook it right away - it's a food safety thing.

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